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Gazprom and Tajikistan begin to extract together gas

Open Society Gazprom has signed the memorandum with Tajikistan about cooperation development in power sphere. As informs a press - Gazprom service, the document reflects intentions of the parties on creation of joint venture (joint venture) for investigation, extraction and realisation of natural gas, and also reconstruction, modernisation and creation of new gas-transport capacities in republic territory.
the parties have defined principles of functioning of the joint venture and prime objects on which in April of this year work will begin.
the memorandum has been signed within the limits of working visit of delegation of Gazprom led by the chairman of the board of holding Alexey Miller to Tajikistan 27 - on March, 28th. During visit A.Miller`s meetings with the president of republic Emomali Rahmonovym, premieres - minister Akilom Akilovym and Minister of Energy Dzhurabekom Nurmahmatovym have taken place.
we Will remind that the requirement of Tajikistan for natural gas makes now nearby 1,2 mlrd cubic m a year. From the specified volume the industry consumes 620 million in cubic m, the population - 550 million in cubic m.
Also the day before it became known that German oil and gas company Wintershall AG together with Gazprom intends to enclose 1 mlrd euro in working out of the South Russian gas deposit located in Western Siberia. Such statement has made on a press - conferences chairman of board of directors Wintershall AG of Rajner Tsvitzerloot. Besides, as he said, the company intends to receive 25 - a percentage share in South Russian deposit.
meanwhile experts notice that desire Wintershall finish the share in South Russian deposit to 25 % can to meet an obstacle in the form of the agreement between E. ON AG and Gazprom which assigns E. ON possibility of reception of 25 % in a deposit. In turn Gazprom should possess a controlling stock.
at the same time, according to the contract 2004., concern BASF can own a maximum of 50 % a minus one action in South Russian deposit provided that Gazprom will increase the share in joint with Wintershall enterprise WINGAS from present 35 % to 50 % a minus 1 action. it is assured that soon we will finish negotiations with Gazprom on this point in question - has assured R.Tsvitzerloot.
Wintershall AG - 100 - the percentage branch of concern BASF AG working in the field of power. Open Society Gazprom and Wintershall AG co-operate more than 13 years. The companies have created joint ventures WINGAS (35 % belong to Gazprom, 65 % - Wintershall AG) and WIEH (50 % belong to Gazprom, 50 % - Wintershall AG).