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A.Kudrin: To 2008. Inflation can be lowered to 4 - 5 %

the Problem of decrease in inflation to 2008. To 4 - 5 % vypolnima, are considered by the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin. Today during session a round table at the Higher school of economy he has informed that, in its opinion, absolutely not difficultly to lower inflation to 2008. To 4 - 5 %, and to 2009. - to 3 - 4 %.
As the head of the Russian financial department has noted, earlier the government put the decision of other problems, therefore inflation on the first place it was not possible to lower to target level.
A.Kudrin also has underlined that is satisfied by that fact that the government has made a problem on decrease in inflation strategic. most likely, the government will be mobilised for achievement of this purpose as efforts of one only the Ministry of Finance was insufficiently - A.Kudrin has noted. He also has noticed that those countries which targetirovali inflation, have achieved its decrease during 3 - 5 years.
According to Rosstata, for January - February 2006. Inflation in Russia has made 4,1 %. The inflationary forecast following the results of 2006. - 8 - 9 %.
At the same time MERT has extended on March, 27th monitoring socially - economic development of the Russian Federation for January - February 2006., in which it was said that inflation in the country in March 2006. Will make 0,9 - 1,1 %.
According to this department, inflation in January - March 2006. It was estimated at level 5,1 - 5,2 %. Growth of consumer prices of articles of food will make in March of this year an order 1 - 1,2 %, on neprodovolstvennye - 0,4 %, on paid services to the population - 1 %, consider in MERT. Base inflation for March of this year, according to MERT, will make 0,7 - 0,8 %, and for January - March of this year - 2,8 %.