Rus News Journal

The prices for oil have established a two-month record

the Prices for oil futures on March, 28th 2006. Have essentially grown, having reached record level since February, 1st 2006. Thus for the first time for seven and a half weeks of the price under transactions with oil WTI (Light Sweet) have exceeded a mark 66 dollars/ barr., and transactions on oil Brent - 65 dollars/ barr.
So, results of the auctions at stock exchanges contracts of the next month of delivery have made on March, 28th: in New York on New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) the official price of future Light, Sweet Crude Oil has grown (May) on 1 dollars 91 cent (+3,0 %) and was established on a mark 66,07 dollars/ barr. At the prices under transactions for session 64,05 - 66,20 dollars/ barr.
In turn, in London on InterContinental Exchange Futures (IE Futures) the official price of future IPE e - Brent Crude Futures Electronic has risen on 1 dollars of 36 cents (+2,1 %) and was established (May) on a mark 64,97 dollars/ barr. At the prices under transactions for session 63,44 - 65,27 dollars/ barr.
As observers mark, rise in prices for oil has been caused by the fears which have become stronger on March, 28th of global reduction of deliveries of oil on the world market. So, the Minister of Energy of Nigeria Edmund Dakoru has declared that in the near future it will not be possible to restore former level of oil recovery in the country.
we will remind that in March oil extracting in Nigeria has decreased on 630 thousand barr./ day, from - for what deliveries have decreased for 26 %. After clearing of hostages the situation in the country has not improved. Negotiations between the government and leaders of insurgent movement are appointed preliminary to April, 5th.
the subsequent development of a situation round the nuclear program of Iran strengthens fears of a stop of export of oil from this country. So, on March, 30th in Berlin the meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the USA, Russia, China, France, Great Britain and Germany will take place. Participants of meeting intend to discuss once again a question concerning the Iranian nuclear program and to offer variants under the crisis permission.
Besides, from - for national strikes in France in port of Marseilles shipment of oil and oil products to tankers on March, 28th has been stopped. In Marseilles there is the third on size the oil and gas terminal of France which is carrying out daily shipments at a rate of more 570 thousand barr. Oil and oil products. Marseilles is the main port in Europe through which export of gasoline and other oil products to the USA is carried out.
futures for gasoline and top internal black oil on NYMEX also have essentially risen in price on March, 28th. So, gasoline has grown in the price for 3 %, and top internal black oil - on 2,6 % that has in addition strengthened the market of oil energy carriers.