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A.Kudrin: Means of Stabfonda will start invest in a month

Investment of means of Stabilization fund can to be begun in a month - ones and a half. On it to journalists was informed today by Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin. Till this time it is necessary to confirm the governmental order about management of these means, and also to accept some technical decisions.
actually about same the prime minister - minister Michael Fradkov has declared also. At a meeting with journalists in Norway he has told that does not exclude possibility of investment of a part of means in the action of the foreign companies.
in the Ministry of Finance believe that means will be invested in highly reliable state bonds of the foreign states. A.Kudrin has noticed that judicial lawsuits of the government of Russia are not an obstacle for investment of means of Stabfonda on the accepted model. Meanwhile the Minister of Finance has underlined that an investment of means of fund in Russian blue counters It is excluded, as it contradicts idea of creation of Stabfonda.
Thus, the Ministry of Finance not only has not departed from the concept of an investment of means of Stabfonda in reliable western papers, but has found a smart way how to secure them against judicial claims abroad and thus quickly to fill up the budget. The proprietor of papers at the given scheme the Ministry of Finance acts as the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, instead of, but it will receive the income.
A.Kudrin also considers that it will be legislatively necessary to raise the base size of Stabilization fund which cannot be spent. Now such a safety pillow makes 500 mlrd rbl. In some countries, the minister has noticed, its size is defined as all volume of the State expenditure and a public debt. A.Kudrin named this variant the most extreme and has assured that the Ministry of Finance will search for the compromise.
we will remind, the Stabilization fund of the Russian Federation has been opened for accumulation on January, 1st, 2004 and for March, 1st 2006. Made already 1 trln 562,7 mlrd rbl., having increased for February of this year on 103,6 mlrd rbl. During existence of Stabfond from especially economic tool which has been thought up for decrease of risks, connected with an adverse external economic conjuncture, and sterilisations of excessive monetary weight in circulation, has turned to the tool of political intrigues.
the Ministry of Finance reproach that means are not invested in domestic economy and that from - for inactivity inflation essentially eats up stocks. To opponents foreign experience - first of all, the Norwegian Fund of the future generations too accumulating money from export of oil does not allow to sleep easy.
variety of experts and politicians urge to use Stabfond as a source of investments into development of a national infrastructure and technological modernisation of the Russian industry. And concerning the statement of the assistant to the head of governmental body of the Russian Federation Michael Kopejkina that from - for absence of the mechanism of investment of means of Stabfonda of its loss for three years can make 600 mlrd rbl., Minister of Finance A. Kudrin and the head of the office M.Fradkov have disagreed.