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Experts: Means of Stabfonda should be enclosed in import of high technologies

Stabilization fund of Russia today it is used only for pumping out superfluous money from the reference. Being afraid to provoke inflation, the government and the Central Bank refuse to invest its means in the Russian economy. At the same time, not inflationary ways of use of Stabfonda exist, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the councillor on competitiveness is convinced at the Government of the Russian Federation academician Alexander Nekipelov.
I carefully concern a question on investment of means of Stabilization fund in roubles in the country. At the same time it is necessary to recognise that, having concentrated on sterilisation of means, we miss chances for essential shifts in the course of modernisation of our economy and stimulation of its growth - he has declared following the results of taken place today at the Higher school of economy of a round table On as when to spend Stabfond - a year later .
According to A.Nekipelova, today the government and the Central Bank balance between two problems - struggle against inflation and increase of rates of economic growth. the price of such approach is great - the immobilisation of huge means connected with formation of superfluous currency reserves. By expert estimations, for balance maintenance in the currency market it is enough to us to have 50 - 60 billion dollars, and we almost already four times have more than Central Bank gold and exchange currency reserves - the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences has underlined.
as an example of not inflationary way of use of Stabfonda, A.Nekipelov named the centralised import of high technologies and the equipment in a number of socially significant branches of public sector, such as a science, formation and medicine.
If to speak in more general plan, I offer for a long time idea of creation some kind of the state bank of the development which capital would be formed at the expense of the currency got by the government from means of Stabilization fund directly at the Central Bank. And on especially commercial, market basis this financial institution would give long-term currency credits under concrete modernizatsionnye the projects connected with import of the modern equipment and technologies - the expert has noted.
as he said, the mechanisms providing missing of these currency credits for our market should be created. the similar decision has also positive by-effects. In - the first, we would create very serious segment of long-term credits. In - the second, generally speaking, this mechanism would promote also to struggle against inflation: after all the monetary weight in the country would not increase, and the quantity of the goods increased - A.Nekipelov has concluded.
we Will remind, the Stabilization fund has started to be formed in Russia since January, 1st, 2004 with a view of decrease in the risks connected with an adverse external economic conjuncture, and also as the tool of sterilisation of excessive monetary weight in circulation. In it arrive superincomes the budget from the high prices for oil. As of January, 1st, 2006 the volume of means of Stabilization fund made 1 trln 237 mlrd roubles that in 2,3 times there is more than indicator for January, 1st of previous year.