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Russia will develop Sakhalin - 3 together with China

NK Rosneft control over which belongs to the state, has entered into the joint-stock and operational agreement (AOS) with the Chinese petrochemical corporation Sinopec concerning joint activity on investigation and development of the Veninsky block of deposits on an island Sakhalin shelf (the project Sakhalin - 3 ) . As they say in the message of the company, a share of participation of the parties in the project will make: Rosneft - 74,9 %, Sinopec - 25,1 %.
With a view of formation of structure of the project 100 - percentage affiliated companies Rosneft and Sinopec - Rosneft International Limited and Sinopec Overseas Oil and Gas Limited - become owners created in October 2006. Design holding company Venin Holding Ltd., which, in turn, will be the unique shareholder of Open Company Venineft the holder of the licence and the operator of works on development of the Veninsky block.
the transaction on alienation in favour of the joint company of a share of participation in Open Company Venineft belonging now Rosneft should be approved board of directors NK Rosneft .
Resources of oil of the Veninsky block are estimated in 169,4 million t, gas - in 258,1 mlrd cubic metre. The Veninsky licence site covers approximately 5300 sq. Km of a shelf of sea of Okhotsk with differences of depths from 25 to 150 metres. On the basis of interpretation of seismic materials it is revealed six perspective structures on the block.
the licence on poiskovo - prospecting works on the Veninsky block Rosneft has received in April 2003., subsequently it has been re-registered on Open Company Venineft . On August, 30th 2005. Rosneft has signed with Sinopec the agreement on interim financing on which conditions Sinopec should carry out financing of 75 % of expenses under the project at a stage of prospecting works of the Veninsky block. Rosneft carries out financing of 25 % of a share of expenses under the project at the expense of own means. Investments into the project for January, 1st 2007. Have made 69,8 million dollars
In 2006. The first search chink on Southern - the Ajjashsky area of the Veninsky block has been drilled. Are opened perspective neftegazonosnye layers, the tests which have confirmed presence of hydrocarbons are conducted. The chink has completely carried out the set geological problem and has been liquidated. Drilling was carried out by means of floating polupogruzhnoj drilling unit Kantan - 3, belonging Shanghai Offshore Drilling Company.
In the nearest plans drilling of the second search chink on Severo - Veninsky structure and the third - on one of structures of Ajjashsky group.