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The president has called up for military service

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed the Decree About an appeal in April - June, 2001 on military service and about dismissal of the citizens passing a military call-up liability .
For military registration and enlistment offices the rush period has begun. According to the document, from April, 1st till June, 30th on military service citizens of Russia at the age from 18 till 27 years will go. The exception will be traditionally made by reserve officers, and also numerous categories receiving a delay under the law About a conscription and military service . In total during the period from April till June should be called 187 thousand 995 persons. Simultaneously from military service soldiers, sailors, sergeants and the foremen who have already served the term will be dismissed.
however, the appeal can present and some surprises. It is not excluded that new Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov will try to solve all those problems which traditionally arise at attempt to tyre out young recruits in army. However, it is necessary to notice that absolutely other hopes are pined on Ivanov`s arrival to the Minister of Defence that its reforms will result at last - that in introduction in Russia professional army. The newly made minister also has informed that the main task put before it by the president of Russia, consists in reforming of armed forces. it just in what I was engaged in Security Council and developed corresponding plans. And who developed, that will execute and bear responsibility - Sergey Ivanov has declared. However, about fast introduction in Russia professional army Ivanov has resolutely dispelled illusions. As he said, revolutions here cannot be, safety is not that sphere where it is possible to make experiments, that no more unreasoned .
And meanwhile, the Russian recruits are almost deprived possibility to use the right of alternative service given by it under the constitution. The matter is that the law on alternative service which our legislators cannot already accept some years is necessary for granting of this right. Now there are three bills of alternative service. And as there is no law, at military commissioners it is necessary only - to call a unique exit . So the main military commissioner of Moscow Michael Sorokin makes comments on a situation.