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Stalin will return to a big-times politics

However, while the name of “the father of all people” will begin to sound only in the Georgian political arena where when - that young Koba began the revolutionary career. Joseph Stalin`s grandson, the colonel in resignation Evgenie Dzhugashvili has declared in the Georgian capital intention to create new communist party.
according to the grandson of the legendary politician, leaders of two Communist Parties already existing in Georgia pursue only own egoistical interests. “ I tried to offer creation of the uniform block that communists have won lawful representation in parliament instead of walking about with red flags, - have declared Dzhugashvili. - But now I do not see other way, except creation of one more communist party as absurdly it would not sound. I hope that people will believe to me as to Stalin`s grandson ”.
However, about the intentions to lead the party which draught name sounds as “ Communists - reformers “ the grandson of the leader declared in the beginning of year. According to Evgenie, “ Stalin`s name will be a banner of reforms “. We will hope that the grandson does not aspire to bloody glory of the grandfather. However, Evgenie Dzhugashvili plans to spend reforms first of all in relations with Russia. As he said, “ edinovernomu to the Georgian people “ it is not pleasant that contact between two countries is shown practically to a minimum. Because of the Antirussian moods Stalin`s grandson criticises Edward Shevardnadze whom as the former communist and the present reformer quite could apply for honorary membership in new Stalin party.
it is necessary to notice that Joseph Stalin`s name really uses great popularity in Georgia. So congress of Uniform Communist Party of Georgia has made the decision on political rehabilitation of the dictator, and has urged communists of the whole world to support this idea. And Stalin`s birthday on its native land in a city Burn has collected communists - stalintsev from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and other former Soviet republics.