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Russian shtirlitsy occupied Germany

Espionage scandals of last time, seemingly, have come and to Germany. And though Germans known for the scrupulousness do not hasten to undertake sharp actions, the awareness on activity of the Russian investigation, Germany already shows.
so the Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany Otto Sewed has delivered the report for 2000 with the data about actions for constitution protection. In the report, in particular, it is noticed that last year Germany became object of concentrated activities of the Russian special services. According to the minister, the increase in number of Russian working in Germany “shtirlitsev“ should cause serious anxiety in the German authorities.
“ in representations of Russia in territory of Germany there is exclusively a considerable quantity of so-called masking posts under which employees of the Russian special services " can disappear; affirms as the report. As consider in the German Ministry of Defence, since moving of the Russian embassy from Bonn to Berlin the quantity of intelligence officers has considerably increased. And, the Russian investigation actively introduces the agents not only in ambassadorial structures, but also has them among journalists operating in Germany, businessmen and private persons. Espionage activity from the Russian side has considerably increased with coming to power of the native of Vladimir Putin`s special services.