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Yastrzhembsky denies Putin`s words

the Assistant to the president of Russia, the chief of information management of presidential administration Sergey Yastrzhembsky the today`s statement has denied Vladimir Putin`s words.
Yastrzhembsky who is today in Nizhni Novgorod, has declared that last shifts in the Russian government do not need to be connected with a situation in the Chechen Republic. In its opinion, shifts testify to personnel stability as are made within the limits of one command .
the country Top management is not inclined to improvisations in personnel selection, moreover, decisions on personnel shifts are accepted after accurate judgement of this question - Sergey Yastrzhembsky has underlined.
meanwhile the assistant to the president, as a matter of fact, has denied the statement of a word of the head of the state. These words have sounded on Tuesday at meeting in which course, actually, and it has been declared unexpected resignations and appointments. Vladimir Putin has declared then that new appointments in power structures are step to demilitarisation of public life in Russia, and also are connected with the changed situation in the North Caucasus, including in the Chechen Republic.
today the assistant to the president Yastrzhembsky has informed some details of creation of information management (IU) in Presidential Administration structure. As he said, occurrence of new structure is caused, first of all, by necessity to speed up work on illumination of activity of plenipotentiaries of the head of the state in federal districts. For the past year, Yastrzhembsky has told, plenipotentiary representations have done enormous work on reduction of the regional legislation in conformity with federal, however this process occurs as though in information isolation. Thus sociological polls show that 30 % of the population of Russia at all do not represent, presidential plenipotentiary representations and what their primary goals what for have been created.
Besides, according to Sergey Yastrzhembsky, monitoring of regional elections and a situation in the Chechen Republic will be one of priority lines of activity of management headed by it. Management does not possess any retaliatory powers, however reserves the right to itself to inform the Ministry of Press and law enforcement bodies on the infringements admitted by mass-media at illumination of elections or a situation in the Chechen Republic.