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Kind Maskhadov is disturbed by malicious Basayev

Aslan Maskhadov will change the position if Shamil Basayev leaves the Chechen Republic or will be neutralised. Such opinion was stated by the head of administration of republic Ahmad Kadyrov.
acting on air Echo Moscow Kadyrov has underlined that is assured of it on 100 %. As he said, Maskhadov already extends today leaflets and videocassettes in which abuses Basayev, Udugov and other leaders of insurgents.
the head of the Chechen administration has noticed that is ready to meet Maskhadov, but only at home . Some time ago Maskhadov through the representative already offered it, to Kadyrov to meet, however in territory supervised by it. The head of administration of the Chechen Republic has paid attention that after the consent to meet at home any messages from Maskhadov did not receive .
Ahmad Kadyrov has expressed also concerning political life of the Chechen Republic as a whole. In its opinion, the next two years any referenda or elections in republic to spend it is inexpedient, as many Chechens have left republic . Besides, to speak about elections it is not necessary also before full stabilisation in the Chechen Republic connected with the termination of operations. According to Kadyrov, it is necessary to live at first peace life, and only then to hold an election .