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The WTO does not think of itself without Russia

Moscow the general director of the World Trade Organization Michael Moore has visited. Having communicated to the Russian management, he has understood that Vladimir Putin is well informed on negotiating process.
according to Moore, Putin has promised as much as possible to defend interests of Russia at the introduction into the World Trade Organization. Russia will independently define conditions of the introduction and how much they correspond to wishes of Russians.
Michael Moore has underlined that the decision on Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization becomes check of flexibility of all countries - participants of the organisation. He has noticed that now members of the WTO are 140 states, however without Russia of the WTO cannot be perceived as really international organisation. Moore believes that in some years Russia becomes rather strong competitor in the world markets.
the Head of the World Trade Organization has declared that the WTO - not the executive organisation, she does not specify to the states how to live, and on the contrary, the countries define an order of interaction in international trade. WTO function consists in rendering assistance to the states in negotiations. That the state could become a member of the WTO, it should be characterised by right domination, observance of the property rights and good management.
the new global round of negotiations within the limits of the WTO can begin in the end of this year. In an organisation management hope that Russia can take part in working out of new rules which will define international trade, as the full member. And a forthcoming round of negotiations which already now name a round of a millenium should create favorable conditions for the further liberalisation of international trade taking into account interests of developing countries and the countries with transitive economy.