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From “ Kursk “ have driven away the Norwegian fishermen

the Assistant to the commander-in-chief Military - marine sea fleet of the Russian Federation Igor Dygalo has informed on Friday on the incident which has occurred in Barents sea around  destruction of the nuclear submarine “ Kursk “.
On air of ORT Igor Dygalo has declared that in the afternoon the big anti-submarine ship “ Admiral Kharlamov “ has found out in a place of  destruction of a submarine the Norwegian fishery vessel “ Harlani “. The vessel has approached on rassotjanie about 5 miles to a  destruction point “ Kursk “.
the Area into which the Norwegian vessel has come, is closed for navigation and protected by the fighting ships of the Russian fleet. Connection has been established with the Norwegian vessel. From a board “ Admiral Kharlamov “ in air the anti-submarine helicopter which accompanied the Norwegian vessel to its exit from the closed area has risen.
Command of the Navy of the Russian Federation has expressed serious concern in actions of a command of the Norwegian vessel and has warned about inadmissibility of similar actions.  destruction area “ Kursk “ it is declared by closed for navigation, there are periodically spent preventive bombing that is not news to the Norwegian party.
on incident it has been in due time reported to the minister defence of the Russian Federation to Sergey Ivanov. The information is directed to embassy of Norway to Russia, and also in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the country for transfer on diplomatic channels.