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V.Roschupkin has approved prospect of wood auctions in the Russian Federation

the Russian business should have certain advantages at carrying out of wood auctions because Russia is interested in it, the head of Federal agency of a forestry Valery Roschupkin on the TV channel air has declared. Also he has noticed that it is not necessary to use too often market mechanisms to play forest plots. If it is the diligent user, it should receive prolongation of those relations which are fixed today to it.
auction reflects the real price for a wood resource, V.Roschupkin considers. It is possible on - for a miscellaneous to concern an auction problem as the competitive basis of reception of sites has also negative consequences. In each subject of federation auction has the additional obremenenie - sometimes on lesopromyshlennikov impose additional obligations. Therefore the auction principle is necessary for improving, that there were no negative moments. In general, auction promotes development not only business, but also a timber industry complex as a whole. Also, according to V.Roschupkin, at carrying out of auctions it is important to give accompanying documents which, as a matter of fact, are the agreement on which basis by results of auctions the further activity lesopromyshlennikov will be under construction.
that the new Wood code causes ambiguous reaction in all public economic structures of Russia, it is good, - V.Roschupkin has underlined. - in such situation it is possible to find out all positions and to prepare that document which is equitable in whole to interests of Russia. The wood code is our wood constitution . For 7 years, since acceptance of the Wood code much has changed, therefore the new project is necessary to the country.
to Concern a question of delegation of power to the subject of federations regarding the Wood code it is possible not unequivocally, V.Roschupkin believes. Sometimes the behaviour of certain officials at level of subjects causes questions. Therefore if game rules, " are correctly registered; the subject will play on them .
At the same time it is not excluded that some questions are illegally cleaned from subjects of federation, in particular the forestry maintenance, fire questions, protection of woods. Therefore the role of the subject of federation is designated correctly in the new Wood code, but its rights and power are not concretised yet. Also has ripened the law on concession as even the frame law in Russia is not present, V.Roschupkin has concluded.
we will remind, today necessity of acceptance of new edition of the Wood code was commented by the chairman of the council of Federation Sergey Mironov. He considers that the project is not finished yet to that stage to bring it in the State Duma. With. Mironov has underlined that its position is divided by many senators and councillors of legislators. According to the chairman of the council of Federation, it is essentially important to clean norm which enters a private property on wood from the project of new edition of the Wood code. I the opponent in principle of a private property on wood also consider that in the Wood code of such norm should not be - S.Mironov has underlined.
earlier for reforming of the wood code the president of the Russian Federation V.Putin has expressed. It is positively adjusted and MERT: by calculations of department of G.Gref, after acceptance of new edition of the Wood code the federal budget will receive in addition 1,8 mlrd rbl. a year at the expense of transition to auction procedure of granting to citizens of forest plots, and also at the expense of increase in 2 times of the rate of a payment for the wood which is released on a root. In general, the majority of the Russian officials vigorously declare that with acceptance of the new Wood code In wood there will be an owner, will appear on accurate and rigid principles .
At the same time, the ecological organisations not so are optimistically adjusted in relation to reforms in wildlife management sphere. They repeatedly declared that the Wood code is directed on protection of purely mercenary interests of separate groups, does not correspond to the state interests, does not solve a forestry problem, threatens with loss of valuable woods and infringes upon interests of separate citizens.
for the purpose of conducting a forestry and wood preparation under the new law 90 % of woods can be privatised approximately. Including in Moscow Region privatisation will be is subject approximately by 50 % of woods.