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V.Jushchenko: Ukraine intends to reconsider the prices for gas transit

Ukraine intends to reconsider cooperation conditions in gas sphere with the counterparts created with participation of Gazprom. Such statement was made today by the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko.
the president has reminded that the company Petrogas of Ukraine receives for services in transit of gas from Gazprom gas at the price of 50 dollars for 1 thousand cubic metre at the transit tariff - 1,09 dollars for 1 thousand cubic metre on 100 km. it not market price, both for gas, and for transit, but it in correspondent pair was and was used exclusively at calculation for services by gas - has noted V.Jushchenko.
as he said, this formula other counterparts created with the assistance of Gazprom, including RosUkrEnergo have started to apply selectively.
Our initiative has been directed not against Gazprom, and against those counterparts who from his name work and use this formula selectively - the president has declared. As he said, Ukraine offers such companies or to pay off gas from calculation 50 dollars for 1 thousand cubic metre, or to pay for transport services in higher tariff.
by the way, on Monday the chairman of the board of the Russian gas holding Alexey Miller following the results of a meeting with the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Ivan Plachkovym has informed that the company Gazprom supports the offer of the Ukrainian party to pass to fee on gas transit through territory of Ukraine money resources and increase in the rate of the tariff to the European level.
in turn, Gazprom already in 2006. Can provide completely requirements of Ukraine for the Russian natural gas at the market prices corresponding to the European level.
it is necessary to notice that volume of transit of gas on territory of Ukraine in 2004. Has made nearby 138 mlrd cubic m. On 2005. Deliveries in volume 128,1 mlrd by cubic m. On account of fee on gas transit through territory of Ukraine Gazprom in 2004 are planned. Has put 29,2 mlrd cubic m of gas. According to the report on volumes and conditions of transit of natural gas on territory of Ukraine on 2005., signed by the government of Russia and the Cabinet of Ukraine on July, 5th 2004., in 2005. Deliveries are planned in volume 23 mlrd by cubic m.
Also on Tuesday the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has discussed in telephone conversation with the president of Turkmenia Saparmuratom Niyazov creation of a gas consortium, have informed in a press - service of the president of Ukraine. Conversation of heads of the states became continuation of the negotiations which have taken place in Turkmenia last week.
the Parties have underlined that consider extremely productive dialogue which has been begun during last Ukrainian - Turkmen negotiations. Interlocutors have agreed to give the commission to corresponding ministries and departments concerning performance of the arrangements reached top-level during visit of the president of Ukraine to Turkmenia. Presidents have once again underlined interest of the countries in cooperation activization in power projects.
on a press - V.Jushchenko`s conferences has declared the offer to create an alliance in gas sphere into which would enter Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. In particular, the president considers perspective restoration and expansion of a gas pipeline Central Asia - the Center.
we will remind that during V.Jushchenko`s recent visit to Ashkhabad, Ukraine has suggested Turkmenia to enter into the agreement on deliveries of gas on 20 - 30 years. According to the first vitse - the premiere of Ukraine Anatoly Kinaha, Turkmenistan can deliver 60 - 70 mlrd cubic gas in a year to Ukraine and in countries of Western Europe.