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A.Zhukov is disturbed by bad Russian roads

For formation in Russia a highly effective transport complex in 2005. It is necessary to enter and modernise 3,5 thousand highways, has declared vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov, acting on the expanded board of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.
among the primary goals on development of a transport infrastructure on 2005. A.Zhukov also named reconstruction of some the airports and creation of hubs. Besides, in 2005., in its opinion, it is necessary to enter reloading capacities on 18,9 million tons in seaports and on 1,5 million tons in river ports.
Vitse - the prime minister also has noticed that the state support in the basic will be directed on financing of objects of a road economy, on development of a transport infrastructure, on safety in the given sphere, and also on subsidising socially - significant transportations.
Besides, by words And. Zhukov, within the next 10 years it is necessary to double volume of transport transportations and to increase in 2,5 times export of transport services. Among other strategic problems of development of a transport infrastructure the next 10 years he named increase mobility of the population on 40 % increase in extent of public roads with a firm covering to 710 thousand in km.
besides it, by words vitse - a premiere, formation of an effective transport network in the Russian Federation is necessary to finish, to lower transport costs in structure of the Russian economy, to increase competitiveness of transport system and to create the international transport corridors, including modernising and entering new ports. for this purpose we have all necessary conditions - A.Zhukov has underlined. vitse - the prime minister has noticed that new projects in transport sphere are expedient for realising, including at the expense of private and state partnership.
Also vitse - the prime minister has concerned problems dorozhno - transport incidents. Naming a situation with safety level on roads to Russia the extremely disturbing, A.Zhukov has resulted the freezing I smother figures: in 2004. On roads of Russia has occurred 208 thousand dorozhno - transport incidents in which result of 34,5 thousand persons were lost, and over 251 thousand persons have got wounds. Increase of safety and stability on transport is a strategic problem the next 10 years for which decision the co-ordinated actions of the profile ministries and departments are necessary, A.Zhukov has underlined.
it is necessary to notice that according to Federal road agency, financing of a road economy of Russia for last four years was reduced three times. In 2000 it was allocated 333 mlrd rbl., and in 2005 - only 111 billion According to agency head Oleg Belozerov if now financing not to change radically the share of the highways corresponding to safety requirements, from present 24 % by 2010 will decrease to 5 % .