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V.Putin did not charge to the government to release the prices for gas

In governmental body did not arrive any commissions from the president in connection with Open Society offer Gazprom on liberalisation of the prices for gas for industrial consumers in home market, has informed a source in the government.
according to the source, it the idea demands essential and serious study as to spend liberalisation of the prices of natural monopolies there is no sense - they do not have competition . The source has once again underlined that in the government of any documents and materials on this point in question did not arrive.
we will remind that the day before the chairman of the board of gas monopoly Alexey Miller has informed that Gazprom has directed to the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin the offers on cancellation of regulation of tariffs for the industry with 2006. Then referring to sources there was an information that Century Putin has charged to head of the government Michael Fradkov to prepare projects of decisions which will allow to cancel price control.
Gazprom offer consists in, that already with 2006. To use exchange technologies for definition of the prices of deliveries of gas to industrial consumers, and controlled prices for gas to keep only for housing - municipal services, budgetary consumers and the population. By words the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation M.Fradkov, the government plans to consider the given offer in the near future.
analysts of the investment company the Prospectus consider that removal of tariff regulation will lead to considerable decrease in competitiveness of the whole branches of manufacture, and also considerable growth of inflation. Thus analysts doubt that Gazprom will manage to spend a decontrol through ministers already in 2006.
Offers And. Miller - a part of campaign for increase of tariffs for the next year which Gazprom has developed in the beginning of this year, consider in analytical company OFG. We consider very improbable that already with 2006. It will be authorised to Gazprom to sell extracted gas at market prices. However the positive moment was that in connection with the offer on liberalisation of the prices problems of reforming of gas sector began to be discussed again actively. We believe that these discussions should lead to certain changes in branch, though and not such radical as offers Gazprom - experts speak.