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The Russian Federations with the Parisian club have agreed about repayment of the Soviet debts

Russia and the Parisian club have reached the basic consent concerning repayment of the Soviet debts for the sum 45 mlrd dollars before member countries of club within 3 years. Additional conditions and the sum of discount which Russia should receive for the preschedule repayment of the obligations, it will be separately discussed.
to the decision to pay off with the Parisian club, having refused discount, Russia was pushed by the debt policy of Germany which has let out in June 2004., without having warned Russia, on the Russian debt of bond Aries for the sum in 5 mlrd euro. For a reference point at negotiations from the personal computer discount in 10 % on which the Ministry of Finance of Germany has agreed is taken, having sold private investors of paper Aries. Earlier experts said that negotiations most likely will end with the compromise: Creditors will not demand the award, and Russia will not receive discount, such variant, according to analysts, is equitable to interests and Russia, and its creditors.
the debt of Russia to the Parisian club makes $45 mlrd, from which more than $40 mlrd - debts former Soviet C. On a share of Germany from them it is necessary $20,3 billion Other obligations the USA are distributed between Italy, Austria, France, Japan, etc. Benefit is obvious not only Germany, but also to other countries - to creditors with whom the Russian payments will allow to fill up the budget.
experts consider that preschedule repayment of a debt will allow the country to save on the percent which level under separate credits makes from 7 to 13 % a year and reaches the sums over $2 billion annually.
so, according to the director of the World bank for Russia Kristalliny Georgievoj, preschedule payment of the credit allows to reduce volume of monetary weight and to struggle with inflation, on which restraint not so it is a lot of tools.
Besides, in debt repayment to the Parisian club of analytics see clearing of Russia of threat of loss of control over the promissory notes. The countries - the creditors having deficiency of money resources, are ready to sell the Russian debts in foreign markets. In 2004 Germany, thus the Russian government thus has arrived has not been advised of these intentions.
after repayment of all debts, the countries entering into the Parisian club, will weaken the influence on Russia as will lose economic levers of pressure upon Moscow, experts confirm.
we will remind, Foreign trade and investment bank on account of repayment and service of a debt to member countries of the Parisian club of creditors on the instructions of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation during the period from February, 18 till February, 22nd 2005. Has paid the sum equivalent 2 mlrd to 203 million 930 thousand 881,14 dollars
on January, 31st of this year Russia has completely paid a debt of IMF at a rate of 3,3 mlrd the dollars, subject to return in 2005 - 2008. The given payment has been carried out at the expense of means of Stabfonda over the saved up sum in 500 mlrd rbl., according to the federal law About the federal budget for 2005 . Having paid off ahead of schedule, Russia has saved on percent of 204 million dollars