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G.Gref: Federal programs still are not co-ordinated

Updating of operating federal target programs (FTSP) should be accelerated. With such statement the head of the Ministry of economic development and trade Herman Gref has acted.
today at session of the government it has reminded that till April, 1st 2006γ. The ministries should present to the government corrected FTSP for their financing in 2007γ. Meanwhile, according to G.Gref, till now are not co-ordinated and are not modified 14 FTSP.
Among such programs head MERT named such, as “ Electronic Russia “ “ Modernization of transport system “ “ Development of civil and aviation technics “ “ State border “ “ Transition to acquisition of military men under the contract “ “ Space system GLONASS “.
G.Gref has noticed that state customers should modify programs immediately. Thus the minister has underlined that, probably, it is required to prolong term, to which ministry should present to their government.
in turn, head Minpromenergo of the Russian Federation Victor Khristenko suggests to simplify procedure of updatings FTSP as much as possible. Today at session of the government the minister has reminded that there is number FTSP, designed for three years or ten years forward, however to make exact design - budget documentation for such terms it is impossible, therefore updatings FTSP are annually inevitable.
at the same time, as he said, now updating of programs, correction “ any comma “ can pass only on the same difficult procedure, as statement FTSP. It leads to a delay of realisation of programs. In this connection, according to V.Hristenko, it is necessary to improve standard base regarding change of accepted financial indicators FTSP. “ It will allow to untie a little a problem of realisation FTSP “ - the minister has underlined.
at government session there was a speech and about financing FPTS. G.Gref has informed that there is a big deficiency in financing of such programs. “ at us for today huge deficiency of financing, and in 2007γ. There will be a catastrophic situation with shortage of means “ - the minister has declared. As he said, MERT does not keep within limits of financing FTSP at a rate of 300 mlrd rbl. which are put on 2007γ. And, G.Gref has underlined, it is a question of such programs which working out has been charged by the government and the president. “ I with horror wait for the program and the demand for financing “ - head MERT has noted.
In the ministry new demands from a number of departments on 2007γ have already arrived., which assume allocation of considerable means from the federal budget. So, from Rosatom the demand on 32 mlrd rbl., and from the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ - on 58 mlrd rbl. has arrived On liquidation of cross subsidising in electric power industry profile vedovstva ask 60 mlrd rbl., G.Gref has concluded.
earlier, acting at cabinet council of ministers, the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin has suggested to confirm federal target programs for three years. As he said, FTSP it is not necessary to reconsider every year including on financing limits, and it is necessary to confirm all objects of the program for three years.