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A.Lebedev: the Macroeconomic policy of the government is erroneous

Level socially - economic development of the country now considerably below an indicator 1990. The backlog reasons - in the erroneous macroeconomic policy. Such opinion was stated by the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on affairs of the CIS and communications with compatriots Alexander Lebedev at a monthly seminar of National investment council (NIS), devoted to problems socially - economic development of Russia.
according to the deputy, current indicators socially - economic development of Russia essentially lag behind similar indicators 90 - h years. In particular, housing construction volumes in 2006. Have made only 46 % from similar indicators 1990., industrial outputs - 70 %, agricultural manufacture - 72 %, volume of a turnover of goods - 74 %, and real salaries in 2006 have made 70 % from level of the beginning 90 - h years.
In particular, it has reminded that the main objective of a policy spent in the country proclaims struggle against inflation. Thus as tools of this struggle restriction of state expenses and sterilisation of really received incomes through formation of Stabilization fund and preschedule repayment of an external debt are used.
what for to liquidate an external debt if we could take these 22 mlrd dollars and earn on them. Kudrin speaks: My dream of the rate to make 5 - 6 % . Who to you prevents to take that money which we to Germans have paid, plus billion award, and to use them for dotirovanija interest rates? Thus, service of an external debt costs 6 %, and rates at you of 7 %? A.Lebedev is perplexed. As an example it has resulted Finland where the parity of an external debt to gross national product makes 60 %. It means that they are able to borrow and spend cleverly and effectively means for own economy - has declared And. Lebedev.
he Besides, considers, the gain of an external private debt considerably exceeds repayment of a state debt and formation of Stabfonda. In 2004 the total of the means spent for repayment of an external debt and formation by Stabfonda, has made 15,5 mlrd, and volume of private external loans - 30 billion In 2005 was already 48 mlrd dollars against 67 billion Thus, actions on sterilisation of monetary weight have been levelled.
in its opinion, the government uses an erroneous technique of definition of indicators of inflation. I do not understand, how at us the prices for habitation can grow on 100 % for a year, tariffs for housing and communal services - on 30 %, on all goods and services, the rise in prices can be the most demanded population, and inflation thus can decrease - A.Lebedev has explained.
it is necessary to limit gosduarstvennye expenses in to increasing tax loading and not to expand loans. Existing restriction of expenses senselessly. To hold such proficiency in the budget - it is equivalent to outflow of means from economy. Such policy can to urge forward only, on the contrary, inflation - A.Lebedev considers.
in turn the committee-man of the State Duma under the budget and taxes Oksana Dmitriev has agreed that growth of monetary weight is not a principal cause of growth of inflation. As she said, the main reason is growth of tariffs for housing and communal services. As have noted O.Dmitriev, the basic gain of inflation is fixed in first two months of each year when tariffs for utilities appear. At the same time the government undertakes nothing for restriction of tariffs of natural monopolies.
according to O.Dmitrievoj, the unique indicator on which last years growth is marked, in comparison with the period of the beginning 1990 - h years, is a growth of gross national product. However, has underlined the Island Dmitriev, this growth, first of all, is connected with a rise in prices for oil and hydrocarbons, and also swelling sectors of services and operations in the real estate market.