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Net profit Rosneft for 2006. Open Society Net profit " has made 213,2 mlrd rbl.

; NK Rosneft under the Russian standards of accounting (RSBU) for 2006. In comparison with 2005. Has grown in 3,8 times and has made 213,2 mlrd rbl., it is told in the company message.
in IV quarter 2006. The company net profit on RSBU has increased in comparison with III quarter in 8,4 times - with 16,4 mlrd rbl. to 136,8 mlrd rbl. that is connected with reflexion of the debts included in the register of creditors of Open Society NK YUKOS on decisions of the courts.
as it was informed earlier, net profit Rosneft on RSBU in January - September 2006. Has increased by 43 % - to 76,4 mlrd rbl., the company gain for this period has grown on 17,6 % - to 458,6 mlrd rbl.
we Will remind, in 2005. Rosneft has received net profit at a rate of 56 mlrd 677,7 million rbl.
we Will notice also that several days before Open Company RN - Development which on 100 % belongs Rosneft became the winner of auction on sale 9,44 - a percentage package Rosneft belonging to YUKOS. The purchase price has made 197 mlrd 840 million 245 thousand 514 rbl. On open auction has been exposed 1 mlrd ordinary actions Rosneft (9,44 %) and bills Yuganskneftegaz (the general face value 3,56 mlrd rbl.) .
Also there were messages that NK Rosneft it is interested in the majority of extracting actives of YUKOS. Such statement was made earlier by the vice-president of the company on extraction Michael Stavsky. We are interested practically in all extracting actives of YUKOS - he has told, without having specified thus which enterprises it can be. look, where we will go - has offered M.Stavsky`s journalists.
Authorized capital stock NK Rosneft after consolidation of 12 affiliated societies makes 105 million 981 thousand 778 rbl. 10 copeck (10 mlrd 598 million 177 thousand 810 ordinary actions face value 0,01 rbl.). Open Society Rosneftegaz 75,16 % in a company authorised capital stock belong, other actions the wide range of strategic, institutional and individual investors owns.