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Net profit GMK “ Norilsk nickel “ in 2006γ. Open Society Net profit " has grown in 2,1 times

; GMK “ Norilsk nickel “ in 2006γ. Under the Russian standards of accounting (RSBU) has grown in 2,1 times in comparison with 2005γ. 121 mlrd 173 million 554 thousand rbl. As they say in the company message, net profit GMK in IV quarter 2006γ also has made. Has increased in comparison with III quarter also in 2,1 times - with 38,2 mlrd rbl. to 80,5 mlrd rbl.
This fact in “ Norilsk nickel “ explain increase in a receipt of metals as a result of a rise in prices for metal products. Besides, profit growth was affected by reflexion as a part of other incomes of result of revaluation of financial investments in securities.
we will remind, net profit GMK “ Norilsk nickel “ on RSBU in 2005γ. Has made 58,2 mlrd rbl. In January - September 2006γ. GMK has got the pure not consolidated profit at a rate of 40 mlrd 681 million rbl. That on 3,2 % more than for the same period 2005γ.
GMK “ Norilsk nickel “ makes precious and nonferrous metals. On a company share it is necessary more than 20 % of world production of nickel, more than 10 % of cobalt and 3 % of copper. In the domestic market on Open Society share “ GMK “ Norilsk nickel “ 55 % of copper, 95 % of cobalt are necessary about 96 % of all nickel made in the country.
now a controlling interest “ Norilsk nickel “ belongs to M.Prokhorov and president HK “ Interros “ to Vladimir Potanin, 5 % of actions - at physical persons, the others are in the free reference.