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Inspectors of the United Nations suited to Bagdad a surprise

On Sunday, for the fourth day of the work in Iraq, inspectors of the United Nations Organization on arms have appeared suddenly with check on helicopter base which settles down in 30 with superfluous kilometres to the north from Bagdad.
it there was one of the most entertainment spot-checks of inspectors during the last days. The train of experts of the United Nations has at great speed driven in gate of base the Khan Beat - Saad. Then inspectors have blocked gate one of the jeeps that nobody could leave base or get on it while there is a check.
as informs the Air Forces, on a base runway there are many helicopters. Usually they are used for spraying of agricultural grounds. However in last file of the British government on arms of Iraq it was said that before war in Persian gulf the Iraq scientists studied possibilities of re-equipment of such helicopters and other flying machines for dispersion of fighting poison gases. In the file the assumption also became that Iraq has already found ways to spray the chemical and biological weapon in the form of aerosols on the big areas.
results of today`s check have not shown presence of the chemical or biological weapon in the Khan Beat - Saade. As observers while the authorities of Iraq show readiness to co-operate with the checking mark.