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The court did not begin to remove J.Luzhkov from elections

Moscow City Court has refused to cancel Yury Luzhkov`s registration by the candidate in mayors of Moscow. Thereby the court has rejected the statement of citizen Farhata Iljasova which achieved J.Luzhkov`s removal with predvybrnoj race.
in the statement F.Iljasov has specified that from the candidate the infringement expressed in use in a pre-election advertising campaign of a sign of Moscow Election Committee has been admitted. However court, having considered the statement, has not considered the given fact as the sufficient basis for cancellation of registration of J.Luzhkov by the candidate on a post of the mayor of capital.
we will remind, elections of the Moscow mayor are combined with parliamentary elections and will pass on December, 7th. The intention to stand on a post of the capital town governor have declared 5 persons - the operating mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, general director AKB National reserve bank Alexander Lebedev, the director of Joint-Stock Company Association Progress Nikolay Lifanov, head of the Justice of Presnensky area of Moscow Alexander Krasnov, and also businessman Herman Sterligov.
As the chairman of Moscow Election Committee Valentine Gorbunov has informed, from all applicants for a post of the head of a city subscription lists in Moscow electoral committee were handed over only by J.Luzhkov. Other candidates have brought in Moscow Election Committee pledge at a rate of 4,5 million rbl.
At present at the operating mayor only one real competitor in pre-election race - A.Lebedev. On November, 28th it has made decision to continue pre-election struggle though one day declared possibility of an exit from election campaign from - for inequalities of candidates in access to mass-media earlier. Now, according to A.Lebedev, necessities for it are not present, as information blockade is broken through .
As it is known, in connection with election campaign Yury Luzhkov has gone on leave, which will last from October, 24th till December, 7th. At this time duties of the mayor of capital executes vitse - mayor Valery Shantsev.