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I.Ivanov has sounded in OSCE a position of Russia

Moscow regards a situation with the Russian-speaking population in the Baltic States, as abnormal. Head has declared it Russian at opening of session of ministerial council of foreign affairs of member countries of OSCE the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Igor Ivanov, informs Echo Moscow .
Head Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has noted deterioration of a situation in the region of a freedom of movement and contacts of people. I.Ivanov has underlined that the Baltic countries which were recently advocates of open borders, build now round themselves visa barriers.
Besides, the head of foreign policy department has protested against OSCE use in interests of the separate countries.
I.Ivanov has made this statement in connection with recent failure of signing of the memorandum which has been prepared at intermediary of Moscow, on Dnestr settlement. Ivanov has noticed that as a result of it have lost everything as conflict settlement between Moldova and Dnestr region is again postponed for uncertain time.
we will remind, in Kishinev last night has passed opposition meeting in which have taken part approximately 10 - 15 thousand persons. Participants of meeting have accepted the resolution in which have urged OSCE summit to promote the prompt conclusion of the Russian army and arms from territory of Moldova, and also to find the decision of a Dnestr problem which would not contradict the Constitution of republic and the all-European democratic standards.
Besides, in resolutions it is urged to enter into Dnestr region a peace-making contingent under the aegis of OSCE and EU. Participants of meeting have urged also the European countries to establish foreign time board in Dnestr region. The opposition offers, that these processes were under EU supervision, the USA and Romania which should participate as intermediaries and guarantors along with Russia, Ukraine and OSCE.