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Georgia is ready to begin relations with Russia with zero

Georgia is ready to refuse historical prejudices inachat relations with Russia from zero, has informed today and. An island of the president of Georgia of Nino Burjanadze, acting on zasedaniisoveta Ministers for Foreign Affairs of OSCE in Maastricht.
at the same time, in its opinion, the past last week vmoskve consultations of leaders of Adzharii, Abkhazia and JuzhnojOsetii undermine encouraging signals and can result kushcherbu in relations with Russia. N.Burdzhanadze takzhepodcherknula that intends to achieve a conclusion with territoriigruzii two Russian military bases remaining there.
having mentioned a question on forthcoming presidential election, and. An island of the president of Georgia has confirmed that they will take place on January, 4th. As to parliamentary elections, on slovamn. Burjanadze, they also will be spent, as soon as etobudet probably technically .
N.Burdzhanadze`s Statement for desire to be on friendly terms with Russia - is clear. As it is known, from Moscow, from its good will, supply of Tbilisi by the electric power and gas depends. StoitRossii to stop deliveries, as all euphoria from arrival kvlasti democrats and overthrows dictatorships of Shevardnadze will evaporate in some days and dark cold nights. To pay in full for deliveries of Tbilisi not in a condition - a debt inevitably grows. Also there are no hopes that vobozrimom the future Georgia will cover it. So druzhitpridetsja.