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The Ukrainian opposition has begun general mobilisation

the Ukrainian opposition has responded to an appeal of leader Victor Yushchenko about general mobilisation. Under the message Echo Moscow thousand people today gather in the centre of Kiev with orange distinctive signs.
as the radio station marks, many electric trains do not reach to the central station, and passengers land at other stations.
the majority of people have gone to the Supreme Rada building where at 11:00 the extraordinary session devoted to political conditions in the country and measures on its stabilisation Moscow time has begun. Now the parliament is surrounded by a dense ring of opposition. orange have not started up on session the majority of deputies from progovernmental and communistic parties. In this connection at session there are only 216 people`s choices at 226 necessary for decision-making.
the Head of the Supreme Rada Vladimir Litvin has charged to the commandant to provide pass to parliament of People`s Deputies, having noticed that, under its information, holding a meeting agree to pass deputies in a session hall.
demonstrators have renewed today also blockade of the House of the government where now is about thousand persons, and Presidential Administration. Gathered start up nobody in buildings. About hundred persons picket the State Office of Public Prosecutor.
we will remind that the day before V.Jushchenko`s command has declared that leaves negotiating process with the power, and has called the supporters for a condition full mobilisation . The head of election campaign V.Jushchenko Alexander Zinchenko has declared: We come back to the maximum pressure upon the power if she does not understand other language .
we Will remind that the main requirements of opposition were reduced sending in resignation Victor Yanukovych`s operating government, heads of the Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov state administrations to fail to trust the public prosecutor, and also to take repeated voting by presidential elections on the basis of the advanced law About presidential elections of Ukraine on December, 12th or 19. However deputies of the Supreme Rada have voted against the given project. It has displeased orange some persons even have tried to get into a parliament building, but these attempts by success have not crowned.

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