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VS Ukraine has refused to V.Yanukovych`s representatives

the Supreme court of Ukraine has refused to satisfy the petition of representatives of premieres - minister Victor Yanukovych about the termination of consideration of the complaint of a staff of Victor Yushchenko on the decision of the Central election committee by results of elections.
according to V.Yanukovych`s representatives, the complaint of a staff of opposition has been submitted in the inadequate image. In this connection they have brought the petition for the termination of consideration of the complaint, having declared that Nikolay Katerinchuk had no right to make the complaint as the authorised representative of the candidate in V.Jushchenko`s presidents as after promulgation of results of elections has lost this status.
representative V.Jushchenko Yury Kljuchkovsky has objected to such statement, having explained that official promulgation of results of elections occurs by their publication in newspapers Urjadovy `i and the Voice of Ukraini . As the results announced by the Central Electoral Committee, have not been printed in these newspapers and there was no their official promulgation N.Katerinchuk has kept the status of the authorised representative.
the Supreme court has established that selective process has not been finished, as results of elections have not been officially published, and has rejected the petition.
we will remind that on Monday the Supreme court of Ukraine has started consideration of complaints of the authorised representative of opposition candidate Victor Yushchenko Nikolay Katerinchuka on the Central election committee of republic. N.Katerinchuk demands to recognise elections not taken place of - for mass falsifications in east and southern areas. Besides, he urges to recognise Central Electoral Committee actions illegal, and the report from November, 24th of this year about results of elections - void. Moreover, the representative of opposition has asked the Supreme court to recognise as the winner of presidential elections of Ukraine of Victor Yushchenko as he has won the first round.
Representatives of the Central Electoral Commission and Victor Yanukovych declared by the president, with such requirements do not agree as, as they said, they do not correspond to the Constitution and the law on presidential elections.
meanwhile the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma named today carrying out of the third round of elections on what the opposition, unacceptable insists. According to the head of the state, it supports appointment of new presidential election.