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L.Kuchma: the Destiny of presidential elections - in hands of the Supreme court

the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma considers necessary in a present crisis situation in the country to wait decisions of the Supreme court on elections of the head of the state. During meeting with the economic block of the government in sanatorium Koncha - Zaspa near Kiev he has declared that if the Supreme court tells that there were numerous infringements in election campaign - though to cancel elections it has no right under the law, is already gives the grounds that together with a society, the Supreme Rada to sign the constitutional agreement which will give the chance to leave the situation which have developed in the country .
According to L.Kuchmy, for the constitutional agreement the constitutional majority " should vote;. The president has expressed confidence that such step is possible .
Also it is necessary to note: L. Kuchma declared earlier what to leave the political crisis which has developed in the country it is possible only in the presence of good will of both parties of negotiating process. At the same time, he has noticed that does not see display of good will from opposition. the legitimate president is necessary to Ukraine only - otherwise it will be a rough historical error - L.Kuchma has underlined.
we will remind, in the circumstances all wait from working president L.Kuchmy of the decision concerning taken out today the Supreme Rada of Ukraine of a vote of no confidence to Victor Yanukovych`s government. for 228 deputies, besides have voted that voices of 226 persons were necessary. The decision accepted by deputies provides resignation of the operating cabinet and formation of the new government - the governments national trust . To form the coalition government the working president of Ukraine, and also the speaker of the Supreme Rada Vladimir Litvin after carrying out of consultations of all deputy fractions and parliament groups should.
the decision meanwhile accepted today by the Supreme Rada about expression of mistrust to the government has recommendatory character.
the Supreme Rada also has urged today participants of political actions to avoid application of force and blocking of a building of the cabinet of Ukraine and other central enforcement authorities, and also National bank of Ukraine. The opposition insisted on necessity of consideration of a question on mistrust to the government, whose representatives today again have surrounded a parliament building. According to some messages, orange did not start up on session of deputies from progovernmental and communistic parties in this connection it passed in a thin hall.
At the moment in Mariinsk a palace in Kiev the meeting of the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma with the international intermediaries concerning settlement of a crisis political situation in the country after the second round of presidential election has begun. As has informed journalists a press - the secretary of the president Elena Gromnitsky, Javier Solana, the secretary general of OSCE Jan Kubish, presidents of Poland and Lithuania take part in a meeting Alexander Kvasnevsky and Valdas Adamkus the Supreme representative of EU concerning the general foreign policy and safety. At a meeting also there are the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Poland Vlodzimezh Tsimoshevich and the envoy of the chairman of the council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of EU Nicolas Bikman.

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