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Venezuela accuses the USA of failure of parliamentary elections

Caracas has accused the USA of attempt to destabilise a situation in Venezuela by means of rendering of support of opposition which urges to boycott forthcoming parliamentary elections of the country.
we have information enough, including the prospecting character, testifying that behind appeals to nonparticipation costs aim to destabilise the country - the vice-president of Venezuela Jose Visente Ranhel has declared. At all it it is active, very active, the embassy of the USA " operates; - the official has told.
meanwhile the American embassy in the name of its representative Bryan Penn has rejected these charges. we have no relation to any actions of political parties - the diplomat has declared.
earlier two opposition parties of Venezuela declared refusal of participation in coming on December, 4th of this year Parliamentary elections, having accused the authorities of creation of primary conditions for the supporters. To their example three more small parties have followed. With boycott has threatened also large Socially - Christian party which has demanded carrying over of elections to provide their justice.
the vice-president of Venezuela has meanwhile declared impossibility of carrying over of elections for a minute naming the politicians boycotting voting, conspirators and terrorists transfers AR.