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Meeting in Kiev has been addressed Tony Blair

the Leader of Progressive socialist party of Ukraine (PSPU) Natalia Vitrenko has declared that today`s mass meeting in the centre of Kiev - the protest against actions of the authorities misinforming world community.
as she said, meeting on the Independence Maidan in country capital - the protest against violent retraction of the state in the militarised block of the NATO . At this N.Vitrenko recognised that the choice of date of the action is connected including on a visit British the prime minister - minister Tony Blair who has arrived on EU summit - Ukraine.
according to some information, in the centre of Kiev on Thursday have gathered about 20 thousand persons which have passed from the Independence Maidan to the Supreme Rada building where have held the meeting.
It is informed that the similar action in Kiev was spent also by nationalist movement the Brotherhood acting from the antiwestern positions. Participants of one of pickets have burnt some flags of the NATO, and have entered collision with local militia later.
meanwhile some experts are inclined to consider that the today`s action in the centre of Kiev - a part of election campaign PSPU. In the beginning of next year in Ukraine elections in the Supreme Rada will take place. Natalia Vitrenko`s party by results of polls can overcome 3 % a barrier and will create the smallest fraction in parliament. Battling against the NATO, PSPU has chance to expand the support, and probably and to create the block with other organisations. We will remind that during elections of 2002 N.Vitrenko stood in Radu as the head Block Vitrenko .
Polls show that the greatest chances to get in Radu are at Party of Regions Our Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko Block and also communists, socialists and Block Litvina .