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To the president of Georgia will cut down pension to $15 a month

In Georgia now the bill of new provision of pensions of citizens of the country is developed. According to it, pensions of a highly paid category of citizens will be essentially reduced. In particular, the president of Georgia will receive pension in the minimum size which makes now 28 chests, or 15 US dollars. Within next year the presidential pension will increase to 38 chests (about 20 dollars).
it is not provided by the new bill and appointment of pension depending on the experience of work and merits of the pensioner. Also the size of pension of deputies of parliament (now the pension of the deputy makes 750 chests, or about 400 dollars) is reduced to third . Besides, the size of pensions to members of the government, other heads of the country, and also agents of national security will be lowered.
the bill has caused bewilderment eks - the president of Georgia Edward Shevardnadze. In broadcasting company interview Imedi he has declared: By rules, I should have a presidential pension. Our president thinks that it will select for the second term and it will raise the question about pensions anew when this term will expire. But the person assumes, and God has .
E.Shevardnadze has underlined that during the stay of its president agents of national security had high pensions in spite of the fact that the budget always had difficulties with means. In opinion eks - heads of the state, reduction of the size of pensions of agents of national security will discourage people to go for dangerous work.
the Opposition too acts categorically against introduction of not differentiated pensions, that is the minimum citizens for all categories, except for agents of national security, heads of the state and deputies as considers it as infringement of social norms. Besides, according to opposition, for people of stimulus will long not work and well.
the bill also provides a retirement of women in 65 years.
at the given stage the highest pension in Georgia is defined at a rate of 5 thousand chests (2,8 thousand dollars) while eks - the president receives deputy pension - 750 chests. Meanwhile we will notice that in the beginning of this year the Georgian government has raised the salary to the working president of the country Michael Saakashvili to four thousand chests (about 2185 dollars) in a month. Thus the average salary in Georgia makes only 50 - 60 dollars.