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V.Shmelev: 60 % of Russians are close the right values

Democratic sights and the right values can be close to 60 % of citizens, has declared on Thursday on a press - conferences the party leader Free Russia Vladimir Shmelev.
people are ready to support right and democracy, but these concepts are appropriated by group former right leaders, therefore for old right values people do not vote. need in new right has ripened in view of the contradiction caused by crisis democratic parties 90 - h years - Shmelev believes.
speaking about prospects Free Russia Shmelev has noticed that a certain victory the party already has reached. in - the first, it was possible to declare that in the country there was a new right force. In - the second, new right Have loudly declared mistrust of a considerable quantity of the citizens dividing the right values, to leaders and parties which named itself right in the nineties. In the third, originally right program of the decision of problems of a city " is sounded; - the party leader considers.
Having concerned the claim submitted party to the vice-president of party the Apple to Sergey Mitrokhin, V.Shmelev has noticed that we wanted to pay attention of a society to those distortions of the facts which supposed the Apple naming Free Russia party - the killer .
Separately having stopped on a theme of scandalous statements of the head of the Russian Open Society UES of Russia Vladimir Shmelev has noticed in interview that the recent statement power is attempt of blackmail of the Moscow authorities. There is a developed representation that main who defines the winner on the Moscow elections, is the mayoralty, and Chubays blackmails her with such statements, will not give the necessary percent to incorporated democrats - we will disconnect light .