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K.Rajs is not going to stand in US presidents

US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice has denied hearings about the presidential ambitions. In interview to the French TV channel TF1 she has declared that does not intend to stand on a post of the head of the White house.
I am very glad that many women participate and win presidential races, - she has told, hinting at the candidate for presidents of France from Segolene Royal`s socialists, - but I am not going to join them .
After the work termination in Gosdepe K. Rice, by its own words, intend to return to California and to concentrate on teaching activity.
the US State Secretary more than once declared that do not intend to apply for a post of the president of the country on elections in 2008. On my belief, on forthcoming elections our party will be represented by worthy candidates, and I prepare for acting in their support - specified K.Rajs.
it is necessary to notice that if K.Rajs has occupied a presidential armchair it would manage to become not only the first woman in the history of the USA - the president, but also the first-ever black woman occupying a post of the head of the state. In general competition of two women can become an intrigue of following presidential election in the USA. So, on polls, 53 % of Americans are ready to vote Hillari Clinton, the wife eks - US president Bill Clinton if that stands. By some estimations, K.Rajs - hardly probable not a unique figure which is capable to help to catch Republican Party voices of women and minority if democrats propose on elections a candidature Hillari Clinton.
for now obviously one: the US state secretary uses now bolshej popularity at Americans, than the president of the country George Bush. K.Rajs`s actions cause approval of 52 % of inhabitants of the USA, J. Bush - only 45 %.