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N.Sarkozi: France will support independence of Kosovo

the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy has declared that Paris will support the independence of Kosovo declared during the correct moment informs Associated Press. we hope that it will be made during the correct moment - has declared N.Sarkozi in a course frantso - the Italian summit in Nice.
thus the president of France has noticed that does not consider on December, 10th of this year as accurate date for the announcement of independence of edge. if to lower heat round a situation, it is necessary to make it several weeks later and to reach necessary result, France considers it preferable - has added N.Sarkozi.
the prime minister - the minister of Italy Romano Prodi has stated a similar position, having declared that independence preparation of Kosovo needs time.
we Will remind that the next round of negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo on a status of the territory, passing in Vienna 2 - on November, 28th, has ended without results. The parties could not come to the uniform decision on this point in question.
decision-making term across Kosovo, established by the United Nations, expires on December, 10th 2007., when the report of the international intermediaries (EU, Russia and the USA) will be sent the secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon. If till this time representatives of Serbia and the autonomy power cannot reach a consensus, Kosovo declares the independence.
the day before the secretary general of NATO Jap de Hoop Sheffer has declared that the alliance will not suffer disorders in Kosovo and will increase military presence at region if it is required. the Violence - not means, - is considered by the secretary general, - it will not help with a solution of a problem . JAp de Hoop Sheffer has warned that the NATO will not suffer disorders .