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J. Bush has directed K.Rajs to India for conditions estimation

US president George Bush has made the order to the state secretary to Condoleeza Rice to go to India. The estimation of conditions after perfect acts of terrorism in Mumbai should become the trip purpose, transfers Associated Press.
visit of the state secretary of Rice to India is one more proof of aspiration of the United States to express solidarity with the Indian people. We together do everything to make extremists answerable - has declared the official representative of the White house Perino Is given.
The day before head of the White house during telephone conversation with premieres - the minister of India Manmohan Singh has promised that the USA will give India necessary support in investigation of acts of terrorism in Mumbai. The US president has assured the head of the Indian government of solidarity with it and the people of India.
Besides, earlier it was informed that the USA directs to India experts of FBI for the help in work to local special services. Let`s notice that among victims as a result of terrorist attack to Mumbai - 6 citizens of the USA.
we will remind that on November, 26th 2008. Approximately at 22:30 local time (20:00 Moscow time) the group of well armed terrorists attacked a little crowded places in Mumbai (the former Bombay), being the financial centre of India. Two luxe-class hotels, popular restaurant among tourists " have undergone to the co-ordinated simultaneous attacks; Leopold a hospital building, the basic railway station of a city, police central administrative board. As local mass-media, the terrorists marked, the armed heavy machine guns, automatic machines AK - 47 and pomegranates, intentionally chose the purpose of citizens of Great Britain and the USA. Tens people, including the head of antiterrorist division of a city have been during the first hours killed. After the first wave of attack terrorists have grasped hostages and have sat down at two hotels - Taj Mahal and Trident Oberoi, and also in a building where the Jewish centre settled down. Opposition of the governmental forces with insurgents proceeded more than two days. According to last information, only 10 terrorists participated in attacks to Mumbai. According to official figures, as a result of their actions 174 persons were lost, 239 more person have got wounds.