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U.Chavez intends to remain in power to 2021.

the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has declared that again intends to achieve changes of the constitution which will allow it to remain on a post after 2013., also has addressed to the supporters with the request to help to issue its right to termless re-election. According to the Venezuelan leader, it is required to it to more time, than at it remains to construct socialist economy in the country, transfers Associated Press.
a way, to which U.Chavez intends to resort to achieve the purposes - traditional. According to the president of the country, sounded on meeting in Caracas, the question on cancellation of restrictions on quantity of terms which the same person can be on a presidential post, should be again taken out on a referendum.
for the first time U.Chavez on the present post has been selected in 1998. Term of its powers expires in 2013. We will remind, in December 2007. Voters of the country already voted against reform of an electoral system which would allow to cancel quantity of presidential terms. Thus opponents of change of the constitution have won a victory with very small overweight.
last year when we have lost a referendum, I have told that should make the majority decision. But now, when I see that occurs, I see huge threat which proceeds from these fascists more clearly... I speak: you were right, Chavez will not leave - the ideologist bolivarianskoj has declared revolutions.
he has added that with the divine help and if health " allows; intend to remain with a wheel till 2021. While there is no saying, whether U.Chavez`s success if such referendum is really organised will wait. According to some information, the president is supported by the lesser quantity of Venezuelans. On the past recently in the country municipal elections party At. Chavez has suffered defeat in many regions earlier regularly supporting its policy, including in country capital - Caracas. 17 of 22 governor`s posts, and also the armchair of the mayor of the Venezuelan capital of Caracas has got to opponents of authorities in power.
on the other hand, in the conditions of world financial crisis Venezuelans can not want to change a course of the state and to allow U.Chavez to finish the begun socialist reforms.