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Conservatives of Lithuania will forbid local Poles to be selected in a diet

In Lithuania the conflict between representatives of the Polish diaspora and the come to power conservatives who call into question the right of local Poles to be selected in a diet inflames. The matter is that two from three Poles who have passed in a diet under the list of party the Lithuanian selective action have so-called cards of Poles, has informed local information channel Ziniu radijas.
Christian democrat Gintaras Songajla has seen in it acceptance of obligations at once before two states . In particular, on this basis conservatives had been rejected Yaroslav Narkevicha`s nominee on a post vitse - the chairman of parliamentary committee on a science, culture and education - the question has been asked to it, whether he intends to refuse the offered card. Now, at the desire of the speaker of a diet, parliamentary lawyers carry out the analysis of the status given a card of the Pole Then the diet will solve, whether it is necessary to transfer this question in the Constitutional court.
According to owners cards of the Pole Valdemar Tomashevsky and Michael Metskevich, it is not connected which image with acceptance of the oath and obligations to the foreign state. It the state secretary Lithuanian has confirmed also Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dejvidas Matulenis which has written in the letter to the Main election committee that this document only gives to persons of the Polish nationality some privileges connected with their stay in Poland. In its opinion, mussirovanie this theme can create only pressure between the Lithuanian citizens, it is negative be reflected on polsko - the Lithuanian partnership and to damage to introduction of important joint projects .
Reactions of official Warsaw has not followed yet.