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The NATO: Ukraine and Georgia can forget about fast membership

to Georgia and to Ukraine it is refused the fast introduction into the NATO. As its official representative James Appaturaj has declared on the eve of a meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the North Atlantic alliance, these countries will not be ready in the near future to membership in the military block.
as he said, on December, 2nd in Bruxelles besides prospects of acceptance of Georgia and Ukraine in an alliance ways of restoration of relations will be discussed with Russia, frozen after August war on caucasus, the radio station " transfers; the Beacon .
we Will notice that the head of US State department Condoleeza Rice who also will arrive to Bruxelles, has declared one of these days that Washington at this meeting will not insist on fast granting of Tbilisi and to Kiev of the Plan of action on membership in the NATO (PDCH).
Moscow has reacted to this news with optimism. I am satisfied by that the common sense has got the best - the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has noted. It also has expressed opinion that has no value what were the reasons: pressure of Europe or something else. It is important that Washington any more does not show insensibility and cruelty .
Before the NATO already refused to Georgia and Ukraine granting PDCH. We will remind, in April 2008. Two members of an alliance - France and Germany - have expressed not advantage of Kiev and Tbilisi as in Ukraine against the introduction into the NATO the majority of the population acts, and Georgia has not solved the territorial conflicts.