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The Lisbon contract on EU reform has come into force

Today the Lisbon contract on European Union reform has come into force. As transfers Bi - bi - bi, in capital of Portugal Lisbon preparations for solemn ceremony in view of that are conducted.
the Lisbon contract assumes introduction of a post of the president of EU which will be selected for 2,5 years and one more time can be re-elected on this post. During presidential term it represents all European block on international scene. Besides, the document provides reform of an executive office of EU - Eurocommission.
this body will be to 2014. It is reduced on structure from present 27 eurocommissioners to 17. Structure EK will be selected for a period of five years. Also the post of the high representative of EU on foreign policy and a security policy will be entered, he will head Council about the international relations. The contract creates conditions for the further integration of the European Union, simplifies mechanisms of decision-making in EU.
on November, 19th the president of EU first in the history of this year has been selected. The prime minister - the minister of Belgium Herman van Rompej became them. The head of the European union will start execution of the duties on January, 1st 2010.
Elections of the new head of EU became possible after the Lisbon contract (come in the stead to the failed project of the Constitution of EU) has been signed and ratified by all countries - participants of the European Union.
on a post of the Supreme representative of EU concerning foreign policy and safety the British baroness Ketrin Eshton is confirmed.