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To Vladimir Putin trust 70,8 % of Russians

Independent research centre ROMIR has conducted the next monitoring research devoted to the relation of citizens of Russia to the president of the country to Vladimir Putin. In total 2000 respondents at the age from 18 years have been interrogated and is more senior.
on a question: In what degree you trust or do not trust the president of Russia Vladimir Putin? interrogated have answered: completely trust - 32,5 %, trust " more likely; - 38,3 %, do not trust " more likely; - 14,4 %, completely do not trust - 7,2 %. 7,6 % of participants of poll have found it difficult to answer.
as appears from resulted above results, Vladimir Putin on - former enjoys confidence of the majority of citizens of Russia (70,8 %).
we Will remind, a year ago, in August, 2001, ROMIR also interviewed on a theme of trust to the head of the state. Then full confidence to Vladimir Putin have declared 29,4 % of respondents, and 41 % interrogated said that trust " more likely; to the president. Did not trust the head of the state of 14,3 % of citizens more likely, completely did not trust 8,8 %. Were at a loss with the answer to a question then 6,5 % of respondents. Thus, the positive relation of citizens of the country to Vladimir Putin as a whole remains: 70,4 % expressed trust interrogated in August 2001 - go, and 70,8 % of respondents in July 2002 - go.