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The USA: the President of Colombia is connected with narcobusinessmen

the United States of America accuse the president of Colombia Alvaro Uribe of communications with narcobusinessmen. As informs the American magazine Newsweek, still in 1991. The Ministry of Defence of the USA has prepared the confidential report as which affirmed that the present Colombian president supports close connections with Medical Elinsky narcocartel.
According to recently declassified expert report of the American defensive department, A.Uribe it is inclined to cooperation with Medical Elinsky narcocartel, using thus the office position writes the edition. Besides, in the report it is said that the president of Colombia is the close friend of known Colombian drug baron Pablo Eskobara.
Newsweek notices that A.Uribe`s administration has not denied these charges, having limited to the statement that the president of Colombia did not conduct illegal activity in territory of the USA or with the American partners.
it is necessary to remind of the scandalous incident which was taking place in April of this year. By the flagship of local fleet the huge party of cocaine and heroin has been found out. Drugs, apparently, intended for a transportation to the USA and Europe. Shortly the ship should go there on a visit good will.