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Left M.Khodorkovsky`s idea has undergone to criticism

Leonid Radzihovsky on villages the Weekly polemizes with Michael Khodorkovsky concerning the ideas published on August, 1st of this year in the new letter eks - heads of YUKOS. In it M.Khodorkovsky predicts Russia the left turn as on fair elections will inevitably win left .
L.Radzihovsky will assure that the author of the letter confuses the left ideas and left-wing parties . According to the political scientist, for the left values - free education, pensions above a living wage, return of prereform savings of citizens - is unconditional, the overwhelming majority of voters, " will vote; but these left values in any way do not increase value of the dying Communist Party of the Russian Federation and too reeling the Native land . These parties so not bleshchut That in any way do not type - on any, most democratic elections - the majority in the Duma .
and the political scientist Doubts possible association of democrats as to them that is advised by M.Khodorkovsky, with left-wing parties. Leonid Radzihovsky considers that here have forgotten to ask opinion of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Native land . It is strange - after all as he said, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Native land and so go to the power. That is, there is a question: the left go to give a key role to powerless democrats?
L.Radzihovsky names Khodorkovsky`s left turn in case of its implementation, not simply harmful, but dangerous to Russia. Making comments on Khodorkovsky`s appeal to were sotslagerju, where the left forces have come to power in the middle 90 - h and have reconciled freedom with justice Radzihovsky named it the half-truth which is worse than lie . Pro-American sotsial - democrat Kvasnevsky - or stalinist Zyuganov. Feel a difference - writes L.Radzihovsky.
In this case Russia is prepared imperialism and a militant Antiamericanism in foreign policy, and also type xenophobia Russia for Russian - in internal. Social policy will be limited to a call to Take away and divide . Here real the left project for Russia, unlike Poland - the political scientist warns.
but Radzihovsky it is assured that no left turn of Russia threatens. neither the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, nor LDPR, the Historical Native land Rogozin, the Small Native land Baburina to the power will not come. Will not come to it and it is impossible to remember phantoms of the different democrats, which names of parties - and it is unnecessary anybody. And without parties and leaders the power do not grasp - it summarises.
Political scientist Valery Homjakov also doubts association prospects. in my opinion, it is not so real. All depends on the one who will offer this union. Because ideologically opponents can unite only in one case - when really there is a real threat for those and for these. While such threat is not present, - the expert marks. - so far as concerns elections to Duma any - here no association will exist .
Doubt prospects of association left both democrats and communists. it is absolutely unreal, because at us absolutely different both political, and economic programs. And in our ultimate goals there is nothing the general. So, such association in the nature cannot simply happen. Especially - for power reception during so responsible time for the country - Kashin Vladimir Ivanovich, the first deputy of the chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the deputy of the State Duma considers. Communists consider that cannot give the chance to use the Communist Party of the Russian Federation as a platform for coming to power of the people who have compromised - the people usurping all natural riches and a manpower of the country .