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V.Jushchenko`s broadcast appeal is transferred without day

the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko now conducts last consultations of the advisers and heads of leading political forces of Ukraine. Performance before citizens of republic which was planned earlier at 22:00, has been transferred without day.
however, the adviser of the head of the Ukrainian state Nikolay Poludenyj has expressed opinion that the decree about dissolution Are glad (if that will follow) not necessarily should be signed today. V.Jushchenko only should be defined today with that, submit or not a nominee of the prime minister from a coalition on the statement in Radu.
the temporary variant at which the president will not direct V.Yanukovych`s nominee in Radu Is possible and thus will not dismiss parliament.
earlier the source in administration of the head of the Ukrainian state informed that record of a TV appearance of the president has been planned at 19:00, after end of consultation of Century Yushchenko with leaders of parliamentary fractions. According to the interlocutor of agency, two variants of the decree of the president - about preschedule dissolution of the Supreme Rada and about entering of a nominee of the party leader of regions of Victor Yanukovych on a cabinet post of the head in the afternoon have been prepared. Also various texts of a broadcast appeal accordingly prepared.
we will notice that the Supreme Rada has gathered tonight for an extraordinary session. In Kiev this decision connect with the possible decree about dissolution of the deputy case. However while it is not clear, what actions will undertake It is glad in case of appointment of new elections. According to the adviser of the president, after the possible decision on the preschedule termination of powers of the Supreme Rada the parliament has not the right to pass laws. if the Supreme Rada passes laws the president will not sign them - N.Poludenyj has told.
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