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The senate of the USA intends to overpersuade Russia of DOVSE

the American senate has urged Russia to reconsider the decision concerning participation in the Contract on usual armed forces in Europe (DOVSE). The senate has accepted the corresponding resolution calling the president of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin to refuse an exit of Russia from DOVSE, transfers Associated Press.
if Russia wants to co-operate with the West on a constant basis, she should not behave in a similar way - the composer of the resolution, the senator from Democratic party has noted the Bean of Casey.
we will remind that on July, 14th of this year the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed the decree About stay of validity by the Russian Federation about usual armed forces in Europe (DOVSE) and the international contracts connected with it . On July, 23rd the bill of stay of participation of Russia in DOVSE has been brought in the State Duma.
the Given decision was unexpected for political circles of the West and has caused unfriendly reaction of the states. The USA, EU, the NATO have passed an opinion the regret of the decision of Russia to suspend DOVSE. The Common position have expressed in the White house. we are disappointed by that Russia has suspended the participation (in DOVSE) at the moment, however we will continue negotiations with it the next months to reach the best results in this area. It in interests of all participating parties and in interests of safety in Europe - it was marked in the statement a press - the secretary of National Security council of the USA Gordon Dzhondrou.
the Contract on restriction of armed forces in Europe has been signed in Paris on November, 19th 1990. The countries of the NATO and the Organization of the Warsaw contract, has come into force in November 1992. Subject DOVSE are five categories of arms and technics, including tanks, armoured combat vehicles, artillery, warplanes and shock helicopters. Area of application of the document - all overland territory of the states-participants in Europe from Atlantic to Ural Mountains. Participants DOVSE are 28 states of Europe, and also the USA and Canada.
on November, 19th 1999. The states-participants DOVSE have signed in Istanbul the Agreement on adaptation DOVSE, considering changes military - political conditions on the European continent. On its basis transition from zonalno - blokovoj Contract structures to national and territorial marginal levels of arms limited to the Contract and technicians for the concrete state-participant should be carried out.
now given agreement is ratified by Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. Russia - the NATO has been confirmed by Ministers for Foreign Affairs of member states of Council readiness of participants DOVSE to work in a direction of ratification of the Agreement. Meanwhile, as marked in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in practice the NATO countries continue to co-ordinate the beginning of ratification of the Agreement to completion by Russia of the arrangements accepted at Conference of the states-participants DOVSE (Istanbul, 17 - on November, 19th 1999.).