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The candidate for US presidents B.Obama has promised to enter armies into Pakistan

the Candidate for US presidents Barack Obama has promised in case of election to direct armies to Pakistan. As he said, the president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf applies not enough efforts on fight against terrorism, transfers Bi - bi - si.
In a case if position will not be corrected, the United States should suspend rendering of the financial help to Pakistan and enter armies on its territory for struggle against the international terrorist network Al - Kajeda in the country, the candidate for presidents has declared.
in the performance B.Obama also has subjected to criticism a foreign policy of present US president George Bush. As he said, since September, 11th 2001. The USA became even more vulnerable purpose for terrorists from - for wars in Iraq which not followed begin.
the authorities of Pakistan have sharply negatively responded about B.Obama`s initiative. So, the country Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged not to rush similar statements for the sake of achievement of political ends. In turn the official White house in the name of its representative Tony Snow has supported the Pakistan leader, having noted P.Musharrafa`s big contribution to business of struggle with Al - Kajedoj and Talibs in territory of Pakistan.
with criticism of offers of B.Obama has acted other candidate on a post of the head of the White house from democratic party - Hillari Clinton. It has scarified the political opponent for naivety in foreign policy questions.
we will notice that the USA steadfastly watch level of terrorist threat in Pakistan. Recently US president Dzh. Bush has expressed concern concerning that fact that, agrees to the data of the American special services, Al - Kajeda has found a reliable refuge in territory of Pakistan, in areas supervised by tribes on border with Afghanistan. Earlier central intelligence service of the USA has published the report, according to which Al - Kajeda actively operates in the north of Pakistan. all specifies that the network has strongly become stronger in uncontrollable parts of Pakistan. We see strengthening of trainings of insurgents, it is more than money, it is more than negotiations - the head of reconnaissance service of CIA John Kringen has informed. will not be special exaggeration if I tell that problems in the north of Pakistan can turn to problems for all country - it summarised.
we will underline that the international community is seriously disturbed by a present situation in Pakistan substantially because Islamabad is the owner of the nuclear weapon access to which would like to receive Al - Kajeda .