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Russia and the USA have discussed cooperation in ABM sphere

Washington positively estimates results of negotiations on system of antimissile defence (ABM) between representatives of Russia and the USA.
according to the representative of State department of the United States of Volume of Casey, during consultations the main task has been executed: both parties have stated the vision of danger of rocket attacks for the USA, Europe and Russia. Besides, representatives of the countries have discussed cooperation ways to ABM sphere.
T.Kejsi has informed that the Russian side has given the additional information under the offer of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on sharing of Gabalinsky radar station (RLS) in Azerbaijan. Such information contains in the US State department message.
T.Kejsi has added that the new round of negotiations on the ABM between Russia and the USA will pass in September of this year, presumably, in Moscow. It has expressed hope that meetings and discussion will allow to solve contradictions between Moscow and Washington in an ABM question.
negotiations between experts from the USA and Russia passed in Washington on July, 30th and on August, 1st of this year the American experts have given to members of the Russian delegation the prospecting data about threats for the USA, justifying building of the American elements of the ABM in Europe, and have tried to discredit fears of the Russian Federation concerning that plans of expansion of elements of the ABM in Poland and Czechia threaten the Russian forces of nuclear restraint.
in turn the Russian delegation has stated the position concerning unacceptability of building of base of interceptor missiles until it becomes authentically known that Iran has technical possibility to start the rocket with nuclear warheads.
we will remind, the USA intend to place in territory of Poland of 10 interceptor missiles, and also to construct radar station (RLS) in the next Czechia. As the American administration declares, these measures are necessary for protection of Europe against possible rocket attacks from Iran and the North Korea. Thus Washington has rejected offers of Russia on sharing Gabalinsky RLS in Azerbaijan. Besides, the USA have not responded to the offer stated by the president of the Russian Federation, on possible sharing of station under construction in the south of Russia under the prevention of rocket start-up.
in the answer the Russian side has resorted to counter-measures, in particular has spent a series of test starts of rockets, and also has suspended the participation in the Contract on usual armed forces in Europe (DOVSE). V.Putin has explained that it is the direct answer to actions of the USA on expansion of elements of the ABM in Europe. The president has especially underlined that Russia is not the initiator of a new coil of race of arms. our actions are directed on balance preservation in the world. It is the extremely important for preservation of the international safety - the Russian leader has noted.