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The Central Electoral Committee promises on elections in the Duma to provide an appearance a minimum in 60 %

the Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation Vladimir Churov the minimum of 60 % intends to achieve an appearance of voters on forthcoming parliamentary elections.
I have put myself a lath - a minimum of 60 % that is if on elections such quantity of voters comes, means, I and my colleagues have well held an election, - he has declared to journalists. - but it not is the task given to me by someone . Thus he has added that under the Central Electoral Committee law is obliged to provide voting possibility to everyone who is not deprived suffrages.
V.Churov has informed also that the decree of the president which will give official signal to start of election campaign at elections in the State Duma, is expected on September, 1st plus - a minus some days. According to the head of the Central Electoral Committee, on August, 7th within the limits of preparation for parliamentary elections in the Central Electoral Commission there will pass so-called doctrines, technical game when in a Central Electoral Committee building the polling district by analogy to the present will be organised. On it there will pass voting imitation in which will take part in quality of voters about 100 employees of the Central Electoral Committee and the Russian centre of training to selective technologies at the Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation, V.Churov has told.
V.Churov has noticed that the Central Electoral Committee among the major directions of the work sees struggle with so-called dead souls or additions in lists of voters. The head of the Central Electoral Committee has reminded that, under actually confirmed data, in one of subjects of the Russian Federation on the previous elections on 60 thousand voters has been revealed nearby 1000 dead souls . Such facts are inadmissible, and to forthcoming elections the problem these " is put; dead souls to eliminate, V.Churov has told. As he said, an admissible error dead souls can make no more than 1 % that also it is a lot of, as 1 % from 108 million voters makes an order of 1 million persons.
At the same time as the chairman of the Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation has informed, in the European countries this figure sometimes reaches 5 million existence Principal cause dead souls V.Churov considers, are interdepartmental errors. I stay till now in reflexions where me to vote - in Petersburg or Moscow - he has added.