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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Russia will not exchange South Ossetia for Inguri of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION

Russia does not carry on negotiations with Georgia on a question exchange South Ossetia on trading - economic concessions. So the department of the information and the press the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has commented on the information which has appeared in some mass-media that Russia ostensibly it is ready to exchange South Ossetia for Inguri of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION .
During negotiations with Georgia the question on possible compromises was never considered by us in a plane of any exchanges on the basic moments - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia is told in the comment of department.
the department underlines that existing conflicts can be resolved exclusively by negotiations on the basis of the arrangements comprehensible to all involved parties.
department has assigned responsibility for misinformation on leisure reporters which in a pursuit of sensation have deformed the validity. Obviously custom-made attempt is available not only to turn all upside down, but also to hammer a wedge between Russian, jugoosetinskoj and the Abkhazian parties - it is told in the comment.
the problem of South Ossetia rose time and again at negotiations between Moscow and Tbilisi. At last meeting with the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili Russian leader Vladimir Putin has confirmed again that the Russian Federation supports territorial integrity of Georgia. And nevertheless in Tbilisi continue to assert that the Russian authorities promote separative aspirations of the present authorities of Tskhinvali, rendering to the president of unrecognized republic Edward Kokojty the financial help.
intention to return South Ossetia and Abkhazia in structure of Georgia of M.Saakashvili declared from first days of the presidency, having got thanks to it support of a considerable part of voters. However to achieve the to it yet it was not possible.
As to Inguri of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION it is necessary to notice that this power station is located in a zone Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict. The electric power developed on it consume both in Georgia, and in Abkhazia.
in the beginning of month Georgia has begun return of the electric power to Russia. Deliveries are carried out within the limits of the memorandum providing returning in the Russian Federation of the electric power, put in the winter period when Georgia has its deficiency. According to the Department of Fuel and Energy of Georgia, energy arrives with Inguri of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION on a high-voltage transmission line Kavkasioni in volume 200 MVt.