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The Russian peacemakers did not participate in bombardment of the Georgian villages

Posts of peacemakers for expired days to bombardments were not exposed, among the Russian peacemakers of victims are not present, the chief has informed a press - services of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation colonel Alexander Drobyshevsky.
the Representative of the Minister of Defence named dirty information provocation the statement of the Georgian party for possible participation of the Russian peacemakers in bombardment of the Georgian settlements in South Ossetia. our peacemakers on provocation do not give in, show endurance - has underlined A.Drobyshevsky.
at the same time as a result of firing in area Tskhinvali from South Ossetia six were lost and 13 persons are wounded. It was declared by the assistant to the commander-in-chief Land forces on information support - the chief of service of the information and public relations of Land forces colonel Igor Konashenkov.
By the present moment the data about six victims and 13 wounded men with jugoosetinskoj the parties is confirmed, and four persons are killed also seven wounded as a result of conducting sniper fire, - I.Konashenkov has noted. - the Georgian party from its part did not declare presence of victims .
According to I.Konoshenkova, in case of repetition of bombardments of South Ossetia responsibility for all consequences of an aggravation of a situation in a zone Georgian - the Osset conflict completely will lay down on the Georgian party.
I.Konoshenkov also has informed that on August, 1st from 18:17 Moscow time the Georgian party has opened fire on defeat with application of sniper groups on posts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of South Ossetia which are located in a zone of the conflict and in a direction of the peace population of Tskhinvali.
as a result of this shooting already by 21:00 four Moscow time have been killed and seven persons " are wounded; - I.Konashenkov has noted. At 21:15 Moscow time on southern, east and northern suburb Tskhinvali and to nearby areas, has been opened fire from small arms of various calibre, grenade cup discharges, mortars, arms BMP from a direction of the Georgian villages Ergneti, Zemo - Nikozi, Tamarasheni.
By 23:00 Moscow time infringements by the parties of arrangements on cease-fire have passed in ochagovye firing in areas of contact of conflicting parties in a conflict zone on southern, east and western suburb of Tskhinvali, in settlements Prisi, Sarabuki, Dmenisi, Eredvi, Vanati, Avnevi, Tamarasheni - I.Konashenkov has told.
Further intensive shooting was conducted during the period from 02:53 till Moscow time from the Georgian settlement Zemo - Prisi in a direction of Osset village Prisi, from 04:20 till Moscow time from Georgian Zemo - Prisi in a direction of east suburb of Osset Prisi and jugo - east suburb Tskhinvali and from 05:45 till Moscow time from the Georgian settlements Ergneti and Zemo - Prisi in a direction jugo - east suburb Tskhinvali of east suburb of Osset settlement Prisi from small arms of grenade cup discharges and mortars - he has added.
in turn, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia calls Tbilisi and Tskhinvali to show restraint and readiness for search of ways of settlement of a crisis situation.
the Russian side expresses the most serious anxiety in connection with intensity escalation in South Ossetia and undertakes vigorous measures for the purpose of a non-admission of the further growth of the armed opposition between Georgian and jugoosetinskoj the parties, is told in the message of foreign policy department of Russia.